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The beginnings of Viaxes Galitur date back to the end of the 70s and were precisely to cover this area in the way of traveling. These are the years when in Spain an incipient tourism began to develop to get to know our environment and the European continent.


Your trips, our history

The group trip allows us to share the costs of transport in coaches and guides.

In addition, we can get better prices on flights, trains, boats, hotel stays and restaurant meals. Therefore, we manage to lower costs and therefore travel at a lower price with more services.

Another very important value of group travel is the relationship with other people with whom we end up sharing friendship and interests.

Viaxes Galitur
Group Travel

We organize tailor-made trips for each client


We know that each client is different and that is why each trip is also different.

At Galitur we adapt the experiences so that you can enjoy a unique trip, tailor-made for you based on your interests.


Our human team is a specialist in the organization of group trips. At Viaxes Galitur we have a long history in organizing group trips, both for students (more than 150 in 2019), as well as for cultural entities, senior centers and even sports groups.

We have been organizing group trips for more than 25 years with sale place by place that we call Own Product. So we can differentiate it from others that are organized through tour operators.

If you want us to help you plan your next trip, contact us at your nearest office.

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Mission, Vision and Values


Our goal is to help companies and groups reach their destination.


We direct our efforts to provide our clients with the best possible experience on each trip. We want to strengthen our position to be a reference within the travel agencies of Galicia.


Honesty and mutual respect are the basis of our work. From that starting point, we offer our clients a service committed to quality, personalized attention and the professional integrity of our entire team.

What they think of us


Reseñas de nuestros clientes
No lo dude a la hora de viajar, Galitur satisfará todas sus exigencias.

Reseñas de nuestros clientes
Sobre todo la atención al cliente, con personal muy cualificado y eficiente. Destacando su servicio y rapidez.
Reseñas de nuestros clientes
Una gran agencia de viajes. Para ellos, los clientes son lo primordial siempre. Mi agradecimiento a su dirección y a su equipo profesional.
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