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Group Tours for 2023


Travel deals and opportunities

Short Breaks

The best getaways for your holidays

Cruise ships

Proposals to navigate in a big way

Dream Trips

Destinations that deserve to be enjoyed once in a lifetime

Honey Moon

Ideas for your dream destination


Book your flight tickets in just 3 steps


Book your accommodation in a destination of your choice.

Flight + Hotel

Selection of trips at the best price.

Our Islands

A selection of trips to Balearic and Canary Islands

School Trips

We are specialists in student and end-of-year trips.


Travel by train through Europe

Viaxes Galitur:

expertise guarantee

Your trips, our history

The beginnings of Viaxes Galitur go back to the end of the decade of the 70s, as an independent travel agency to cover that part in the way of traveling. These are the years when in Spain an incipient tourism began to develop to get to know our environment and the European continent.

Since then, we have not stopped working to always offer you the best experiences.

Group trips

 Our own product

They are trips throughout the world, programmed to measure for our clients. We present them collectively and later tailor them to your interests.

Personal propio
Own staff

Assistance per person from the agency throughout the tour

Radio guides

We provide radio guides to have permanent contact with local guides

Hoteles de 4 estrellas
4 * Hotels

Staying in most cases in 4 * hotels, located in the city center, always with buffet breakfast included


Eat in selected restaurants, tasting regional menus

Seguro de Asistencia
Insurance Policy

Incorporate attendance and cancellation insurance for a justified reason

Business trips

More than 35 years providing services to companies and government agencies

Electronic documents
Quick management
Online confirmation
24 hours
Continuous hours
Personalized treatment
 Expense control

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